165/70R10 in Inches

Tire size 165/70R10 refers to the tire size in numbers and letters such as the first number “165” indicates the tire width in millimeters, the second number “70” indicates the aspect ratio of the tire and the last number indicates the diameter of the tire. A 165/70R10 tire in inches can be described as a tire with a width of about 6.5 inches, a sidewall height of about 4.6 inches, and it fits on a 10-inch wheel.

Converting 165/70R10 in Inches

165/70R10 inches mm
Tire Diameter 19.1 inches 486 mm
Tread Width 6.5 inches 165 mm
Rim Diameter 10 inches 254 mm
Sidewall Height 4.6 inches 116 mm
Circumference 60 inches 1526 mm
Revolutions 1056 per mile 655 per km

Tire Size Calculator

The Tire Size Calculator is a convenient online tool that helps determine the correct tire dimensions for a vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Tire Diameter
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Rim Diameter
Sidewall Height

165/70R10 Alternate Tire Size

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
145/80R10 19.1″ (486 mm) 0%

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